Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Here we go..

This is how it works with blogs.  And me.

Some weeks, there are so many funny stories and photos to share I can barely keep them all straight. Other weeks, things are kind of quiet.  And, once in a while...ok, more often than not...I have to spend my weeks just keeping up with all kinds of regular "stuff" plus the unexpected "stuff".  And then, I lose track of time.  Mostly when I create art collections for new products like these new tree stamps below with Impression Obsession. (The pumpkin is still in process....)

The creative process is endless because there are endless possibilities.  And Ollie, my little Monkeyman LOVES LOVES LOVES when his Mama is doing creative work.  The energy when I'm in my "happy place" bathes him is pure joy.

So you see, I really meant to blog days ago but somehow the entire week just disappeared one HUGE SWOOSH!

And now there is yet more of the unexpected "stuff" going on. And I shall be delayed yet again unless I just sit down right now and BLOG!  Which is what I decided to do.

There actually was a great Ollie story somewhere in there...but it seems to be hiding right now.

It will come out eventually but, for now, Ollie can just tell you a story himself....how he thought he'd take the car keys and go joy riding.

Actually, he just loves things that squish and squeak....

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