Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer is in full bloom..and so are Ollie's feathers!

Yay! Yay...and double yay!  Ollie has been leaving his feathers along.  Except for the feathers that haven't exactly grown back on his back and neck, he now has a real tail for balance PLUS feathered wings that can break falls!  Of course, it has been SOOOOO long since Ollie has actually flown, he doesn't really remember he can do that.  It is just going to be something he could instinctively do in an emergency.  Which, of course, we hope never happens....but just in case.  The boy could actually fly if he tried.

Ollie's injured leg has probably healed as much as it will be healed.  We are just waiting to see his vet some time next month for a 6 month re-check.  Ollie has not been back in his big play cage since the accident and, we aren't really sure he will ever be safe in it with a compromised grip.  So, we may wind up putting it up for sale.  It is a large Kings cage, in great shape and not exposed to any disease or anything.  I'll let you all know the status after we meet with the vet....

In the meantime, Ollie is having a blast playing low down on the floor.  He is back to climbing on his toy drawer and playing with (and tossing) all his favorite toys....which, as you can see, are all dog toys.   This is because Ollie thinks he is one of the Border Collies. He isn't really interested in the other two drawers FILLED with bird toys appropriate for medium sized parrots that chew and forage and do parrot things.  Nope.  He prefers toys that squeak or are squishy...especially toys he has already seen the dogs playing with. He has his versions, however, that the dogs are not allowed to touch. He can sit on the drawer or in the small travel cage and squeak a toy for hours.  (It drives Maggie crazy....hee...hee...hee....)